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Bakewell Station
Litton Mill
Litton Mill

Further Walking & Cycling


Cycle the Monsal Trail

From Blackwell Mill near Buxton to Coombs Road Bakewell



The Monsal Trail is a ten mile long disused section of the former Midland Railways line between Buxton and Bakewell in the Peak District National Park, a wonderful legacy of our rich industrial heritage now enjoying a new lease of life as a valuable leisure amenity for walkers, cyclists and other outdoor activities. Passing through a delightfully contoured and rugged landscape, arguably some of England’s most beautiful scenery, the route must have been quite a challenge for the civil engineers of the mid nineteenth century who built it. In addition to the restored viaducts, tunnels, cuttings and retained original station buildings, architectural gems in their own right and testament to the enterprise and skills of our Victorian ancestors, the trail also affords magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and adjacent points of interest including the impressive Cressbrook and Litton Mills as it criss crosses river and valley making its way south. The longer tunnels are lit from dawn until dusk, the trail is well surfaced and smooth with both gravel and tarmac sections, it is suitable for all types of bicycle. The route has a slight incline rising four hundred feet over its length south to north, representing a gradient of just 1/132, it can be cycled in both directions in just over two hours by persons of average fitness, but there’s no need to rush the trail is well within the capability of most age group and fitness levels and on a sunny day the views are tremendous.

Cycle Hire

If you prefer to hire rather than take your own, cycle hire is available at Blackwell Mill at the Buxton end of the trail:-

tel 01298 70838 -
Hassop Station on the trail just north of Bakewell - 01629 810588

All types of cycle are on offer including electric assisted but it’s wise to book in advance to ensure availability.

Walking the Trail

The trail can be walked from end to end, returning via the regular bus services between Buxton and Bakewell. In addition there are numerous walks on and around the Monsal Trail detailed in the “Grate Little Guides” series (ISBN 1899576 65 7 - Monsal Trail) available from tourist information offices in Buxton and elswhere in the Peak District. The guide includes start and finish points and points of interest along the way including locations of car parks and toilet facilities.

Getting There

Visitors from the Wigan area are recommended to access the trail at the northern end, using the Wyedale car park on the A6 just 4 miles south of Buxton. The postcode SK17 9TE in a Satellite Navigation system will take visitors directly to the entrance. The preferred route is via the M6, M56, M60 to Stockport then following the A6 through Buxton towards Bakewell. Negotiating Stockport can be difficult at busy periods but I recommend leaving the M60 at junction 2, turning right at the roundabout into Stockport Road to the traffic lights a couple of hundred yards ahead. Turn left at the traffic lights into Councillor Lane, straight ahead at the next set of lights into Adswood Road, then ahead again at the next set into Garners Lane to arrive at the traffic lights at Davenport Station at the junction with Bramhall Lane. Turn left here then immediately right at the next set of lights into Kennerley Road and follow it to its junction with the A6 in about half a mile. Turn right here and follow the A6 through Hazel Grove, High Lane and Disley, the journey is approximately 50 miles and will take one and a half hours in light traffic.

The Trail

Take the bridleway from the rear of Wyedale Car Park and follow the river down to Blackwell Mill to ascend steep banking at the signpost behind the cycle hire and tuck shop. Gain access to the start of the Monsal Trail via a wooden gate. Follow the trail to its terminus beyond Bakewell, returning by the same route admiring the views and the various points of interest along the way, take the camera there will be plenty of photo opportunities.
Ordnance Survey Explorer Series OL24 scale 1:25000 "The Peak District (White Peak Area)" refers, co-ordinates at various points along the way are shown in the table below.

Location Co-ordinates
Start Wyedale Car Park SK 10377 72511
Blackwell Mill (Cycle Hire & Tuck Shop) SK 11249 72648
Rusher Cutting Tunnel SK 12009 72807
Chee Tor Tunnel SK 12512 73117
Lime Kilns SK 13239 73293
Millers Dale Station (Car Park, Toilets & Refreshments) SK 13850 73228
Litton Tunnell (Litton Mill) SK 16133 72917
Cressbrook Tunnel (Cressbrook Mill) SK 16751 72615
Headstone Tunnel SK 18284 72557
Private Station Thornbridge Hall SK 19736 71107
Hassop Station (Cycle Hire, Refreshments & Craft Shop) SK 21738 70545
Bakewell Station (Large Car Park) SK 22278 68987
Coombs Road (End) SK 23041 67975

Palfreyman - July 2012